Beneficiary — contact details

ADDRESS: 107078 Moscow, 1st Basmanny Ave., 3, building 1. 

Admission Committee: +7 800 234-77-20 (chargeless call in Russia)
Rectorate: +7 499 261-11-26

Vice-rector for International Affairs
Degtiareva Irina
Tel: +7 499 261-00-06

Institute of World Civilizations (IWC) is a private autonomous non-profit organization of higher education, established by the decision of the Founder on 15 March 1999 and is registered in the Moscow Registration Chamber under the number of 77086 on 31 March 1999 under the name of the «Institute of World Civilizations.»

License No 1662 (unlimited) for the provision of educational services was issued on 22 September 2015 and State Accreditation Certificate No 0774 was issued on 19 July 2013 by the Federal Education and Science Supervision Service of RF.

More than 80% of professors and associate professors teaching and conducting research at the institute have a PHD or a Doctor degree. A library, computer classes and laboratories support the education process. Students have an opportunity to have their internships in the State Duma, ministries and other public and business organizations. 6000 students currently study at 5 faculties (Political Science, Business and Economics, Contemporary Law, including Public and International Law, International Relations and Geopolitics, Psychology and Communication Technologies) at the IWC.

During its existence, the Institute was inspected by the Federal Education and Science Supervision Service of RF three times (in 2003, 2008 and 2013) and successfully passed comprehensive assessment of its educational and research activities.

In 2008, together with the National Institute of Catherine the Great and Modern Humanitarian Academy a Single Dissertation Council was formed.

The library provides access to educational and scientific digital resources on the basis of contracts and licensing agreements of the Institute of World Civilizations with providers. All IWC students and teachers have an opportunity to use a licensed full-text database of electronic publications — DEP IPR books, which is the first and the only one certified electronic-library system in the country, recommended for educational institutions.

Professors and researchers from the International Relations and Geopolitics faculty conduct profound research of the multidimensional processes in European Union in a broad range of areas: political and economic integration, foreign policy, security, social, inter-civilizational, party and political issues.
Research results also take form of practical recommendations, which are regularly presented by the Institute professors and researchers to a wide range of beneficiaries, including the executive and legislative authorities of the Russian Federation.

The Institute was awarded several diplomas by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science for the outstanding contribution to the promotion of education and research.